School of Sustainable Food and Farming

The School of Sustainable Farming is a response to recommendation 6 of the Application of Science to realise the potential of the Agricultural Transition

The Application of Science to realise the potential of the Agricultural Transition Report.
Commissioned by Lord Curry.

National co-ordination of demonstration farms throughout the UK should be encouraged. These are farms that are currently within the ecosystems of various bodies (e.g. AHDB Strategic and Monitor Farms, Farm PEP, Agri-EPI EPIC farms, SSFF, LEAF, etc). Their purpose is to encourage adoption of new knowledge and agri-tech solutions across the wide spectrum of UK farmers and producers.

Myerscough College Farms, partners with other land based colleges to be a School of Sustainable Farming. This collaberative group of Landbased Colleges has formed the Sustainable Farm Network

The Sustainable Farm Network

The Purpose and Aims of the SFN

  • To develop a Network of Research and Education farms working towards Net Zero within the wider context of sustainability (e.g. economic, biodiversity, animal welfare).


  • To share data and best practice around innovative practices to reduce the carbon footprint of farming focusing on: reduction (efficiency), removal (change of practice) and capture/off-setting (NPP / green energy).


  • To connect other Demonstration and Innovation farm networks to develop a hub-and-spoke model under a single overarching grouping.


  • To trial carbon and biodiversity net gain calculators and data platforms and then share findings across the network.


  • Support a future central data collection dash-board and virtual farm development to be hosted by the School of Sustainable Food and Farming.


  • To become the leading UK Farm Network grouping which will provide evidence and support for all farmers to realise their sustainable farming transition.


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